New Life Recyclery

At New Life Recyclery, our mission is to love God, love others, and to equip and empower people on their journey to a new life.

We refurbish and renew old bicycles, collect personal care items, and provide them to people in the Chippewa Valley and beyond who are struggling or homeless, in order to equip and empower them to pursue an abundant life of freedom and stability.

Many people are using our bikes for different purposes. Some may need a bike so that they can reliably make it to work on time. Others are riding their bikes to AA or NA meetings, as they pursue a healthier way of living. Others use a New Life Recyclery bicycle so that they can travel to career training classes in the community, or to job interviews, so that they can find work that will help them to take the next step on their journeys.

Some individuals are not willing to be identified publicly, but as stories emerge and people choose to share, you will be able to find them on New Life Stories .

Do you have questions, or want to get involved? Check out the How To Help page to see what Mike needs for the ministry, and watch out for what's coming up next for us on the Events and News page.

Contact Mike Van Dusseldorp at New Life Recyclery via email: