How Do I....

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I donate a bicycle?

A: If you have a bicycle  or any other tangible items that you would like to donate to New Life Recyclery, you can contact Mike at  Please DO NOT dump bicycles in our yard, we do not currently have a need for bikes that are in children's sizes, or bikes that are severely damaged, and we have a limited capacity for storage, so we would prefer not to get unannounced drop-offs. 

Q: Where do you get all these bikes?

A: We receive bikes in donation from individuals who care about our cause who donate their own personal bicycles, and we also receive bicycles from a number of metal scrap haulers serving our region, who believe in the mission of New Life Recyclery and drop of bicycles for free instead of making money off of them by taking them to the scrap yard. 

Q: Do you make any money off of these bikes?

A: No, New Life Recyclery is not making a profit off of any donated goods. If any individual chooses to pay money towards a bicycle, part, or anything else, it will be treated as a donation to New Life Recyclery and used to continue repairing bicycles and aiding the homeless of the Chippewa Valley. 

Q: My son needs a bicycle because he outgrew his, can you give me one?

A:If your child is an adult who is homeless or in a financial crisis, and who needs a bicycle for transportation, we may be able to provide him with a bike. However, typically we do not provide bicycles for children, and we are not providing bicycles for recreational purposes. If by some chance we receive children's bicycles, we have partnered with a couple of charities that provide bicycles to children in need- one being an orphanage in Honduras, and another being an organization serving Foster children in our state, and will give them away, as we do not have enough space at our shop (a one car garage and part of the backyard) to keep that many bicycles here. 

Q:How much does a bicycle cost?

A: We give bicycles for free to those who are homeless or in a substantial financial crisis. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please contact Mike at and discuss your situation. 

Q: Who qualifies for a free bicycle?

A: If you are an adult, you live in the Chippewa Valley, in need of a bicycle for transportation purposes, and you are homeless or going through a substantial financial crisis, you are eligible for a bicycle. 

Substantial financial crisis may look different from one person to another, and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. However, basic criteria apply- if you have reliable housing, ample family support, plenty to eat, a driver's license and a functioning vehicle, you are most likely not eligible, unless there are very significant extenuating circumstances.

Q: How can I apply for a bicycle?

A: Please contact Mike at with questions about applying for a bicycle. However, at this time Mike is operating at a very limited volume, and until he has more resources, he is focusing his efforts on providing bikes for residents of Hope Village in Chippewa Falls who are in need of a bike for transportation.