How To Help

If you are interested in joining New Life Recyclery in our mission, there are several ways to help.

  1. Join Mike, as he works on bikes in the shop. Mike is always happy to have help working on bikes, however our shop is pretty small, (a 1 stall garage) so there's limited space to spread out. Feel free to contact us to see how you can help. Currently, help is needed to take parts off of damaged bikes that are beyond repair, in order to use them to renew and repair other bicycles. (the stripped bike frames will be recycled, when they have no more usable parts left.) Mike also would benefit from assistance picking up donated bikes, and delivering bicycles that are ready to head to their new home.

  2. Donate bicycles*, parts, or tools. If you have a bike, tools, or other things you wish to donate, you can contact Mike at or fill out the Donate form to make arrangements to do so. At times we are able to pick things up from your home or business, or are able to meet you- but it is always a blessing if you are able to drop it off instead, as our ability to pick things up is limited, and may only be able to occur once or twice per month.

    1. Parts: We are in need of a variety of bike parts. Some of these parts include:

      • Chains

      • Inner tubes (24-29" wheels)

      • Tires and rims for 24-29" wheels

      • Handle bar grips

      • Bike lights

      • Pedals

      • Bicycle locks

      • Seat post clamps

      • Stem risers

      • Heat Shrink tubing

      • Bar Spacers

      • Bicycle Head Sets

      • Bicycle Rotors

      • Shifters

      • Brake Pads

      • Brake cables

      • Brake calipers

      • Bicycle forks

    2. Bikes, Bike Locks, Helmets: We are always happy to receive adult sized bicycles, even if they are in need of repairs. Also in need are bike locks, and adult sized bicycle helmets.

    3. Tools and Equipment: Mike is currently in need of an additional bike stand for working on bicycles in the shop, so that he can have additional work space for someone to volunteer and work alongside him. Tools and equipment that would be helpful include:

      • 2 to 12mm alan wrenches

      • 6 to 17mm open ended wrenches

      • Chain brushes

      • Chain cleaners

      • Air compressor

      • Rotor trueing tools

      • Torx T-25 wrench

      • Good cable cutters

      • Cassette removal tools

      • Chain whip

      • Crank arm pullers

      • Bottom bracket tools

      • 13 through 17 cone wrenches

      • Bike dish/center hub tool

      • Hacksaws

      • Metal files

      • Crank puller

      • Fork spanner wrench

      • Star butt installer tool

      • Crown tool

      • Chain lube

      • Pressure washer

      • Parts washer

      • Bicycle hooks to hang bikes

      • Bicycle rack

      • MIG or TIG welder

  3. Contribute financially to our ministry

Mike is not making any profits in this ministry, and currently does not have a paying job. Because of this, he does not have money to spend on purchasing parts or materials, or gas to pick up and deliver bicycles to those in need. He would be blessed by any donation in any amount, in money or gas cards to fund his ministry in this way. You can donate on our Go Fund Me site, or contact Mike at for other options to donate.

  1. Donate items for Care Packages

When Mike provides a bicycle to someone who is homeless, he provides them with the bicycle along with a backpack filled with a variety of things- toiletries, personal care items, ready to eat food items in small packages, and a variety of other items that would bless a person in need. He also encloses a resource list with contact information and locations for area charities and organizations that can help the homeless and those in need in ways that we cannot. We are always looking for more items for these care packages. Things that we need for this project include:

      • Backpacks

      • Small first aid kits or bandaids

      • Glucose tablets

      • Protein bars

      • Granola bars

      • Jerky

      • Small packages of nuts

      • Nonperishable foods that are ready to eat or easy to prepare with nothing other than a gas station microwave.

      • Packets of electrolyte drink mixes, especially single-serving packets

      • Reusable water bottles

      • Sunscreen

      • Insect repellent

      • Socks

      • Athletes' foot cream or spray

      • Small bottles of hand or body lotion

      • Chapstick

      • Vitamins

      • Small bottles of ibuprofen, tylenol, and benadryl

      • Sleeping mats

      • Easy to read bibles in plain English

      • Books to read for enjoyment or encouragement

      • Flashlights and batteries

      • Shampoo

      • Body wash

      • Deodorant

      • Hotel soaps and sample sized soaps

      • Washcloths or personal care wipes

      • Ziploc bags

      • Multitools and pocket tools

      • Small tents and tent repair kits

      • Shoe insoles

      • New or gently used shoes in sizes for adult men and women

      • Camping sporks

      • Gift cards for fast food restaurants, barbers, goodwill, hope gospel, or savers, grocery stores*, walmart*

      • Laundry tokens or gift certificates for laundromats


  • *Please do not donate anything with wheels that is not a bicycle or bicycle related - we do not want toddler toys, scooters, power wheel ride-on toys, or any other child toy type items. This is not helpful for our ministry objectives. However, we do know some individuals and ministries who may be interested in these items, and would be happy to help you make connections.

  • **We will not give out gift cards for any place that sells alcohol or cigarettes directly to individuals we are helping, since we wish to enable them to pursue a better healthier life, and not to give them more access to things that make them struggle more- but if we have gift cards for walmart or grocery stores, Mike will use them to purchase items for those in need for this purpose.