How To Help

If you are interested in joining New Life Recyclery in our mission, there are several ways to help.

Mike is not making any profits in this ministry, and currently does not have a paying job. Because of this, he does not have money to spend on purchasing parts or materials, or gas to pick up and deliver bicycles to those in need.  He would be blessed by any donation in any amount, in money or gas cards to fund his ministry in this way.  You can donate on our Go Fund Me site,  New Life Recyclery GoFundme or contact Mike at for other options to donate. 

When Mike provides a bicycle to someone who is homeless, he provides them with the bicycle along with a backpack filled with a variety of things- toiletries, personal care items, ready to eat food items in small packages,  and a variety of other items that would bless a person in need.  He also encloses a resource list with contact information and locations for area charities and organizations that can help the homeless and those in need in ways that we cannot. We are always looking for more items for these care packages.  Things that we need for this project include: